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I just had sex last night, and it was amazing, but this morning and throughout the day I've felt very hot down there. I know that may sound odd, but I had never felt it before, and it was somewhat sore too, may the soreness possibly be the cause of this feeling?

That sounds like the possible onset of a yeast infection. If it gets worse, either see your doctor or follow the steps I outlined in this post.

So, I have a bit of hair in the crack of my butt. I was wondering if this is normal for girls? I'm a bit self conscious about it, but my boyfriend doesn't really seem to mind at all. Do most girls have this? Should I get rid of it? Can you suggest any methods of getting rid of it?

That’s very normal. Hair between the buttocks is there to help prevent chafing when sweat builds up. It’s also an extension of pubic hair. There’s no reason to get rid of it, unless you specifically want to.

You can shave that area, although be very careful not to nick or cut it. A safer method is to either use an electric shaver, or to have it professionally waxed at a salon or clinic that offers ‘intimate waxing’. Don’t be afraid of baring yourself to the people who do those procedures - they do it for a living and have seen everything.

my boyfriend want me to be on top, but i don't know what to do once i'm there... help?!

Check out the sex on top tag for ideas. :-)

Is there anyway you could post some pics were the guy is a bit bigger? Some of these guys look like they haven't eaten in weeks.

Bigger guys are lined up in the queue. :-)

Hey, i wonder how long would you take to answer the questions?

I answer them as fast as I can. I try to answer at least 20 a day. Depends on how busy I am during the day, however.

I also think you should add a video link (which would only be all the videos you post) to the sidebar :] Just a suggestion! lovelovelove your blog<3

Video link has been added to the blog’s top bar. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for following! :-)

Post more fat people sex please?

Sure, can do!

I hope you got my question !

I’m sure I did. But you’re anon just like everyone else; I have no idea what question you’re referring to!

Is there anything you can do to make the taste and smell down yonder any better? like is the whole eating more pineapple thing true? does that make you taste better?

It is actually true. It takes around four to five days of consistently including fruit like pineapple in your diet for it to be noticeable, however. Here is a list of foods to include and foods to avoid to improve the taste of genital fluids. The list extends to both males and females.

The best way to smell better down there is to keep that area clean. Wash with a fragrance-free sorbolen cream instead of soap or any fragranced body washes. Sorbolene cream doesn’t strip away the genital region’s natural oils, unlike soap and other fragranced products. See this post on how to properly use sorbolene cream for genital hygiene.

i'm ashamed of myself because i'm almost 19 years old and i'm still a virgin. i've had boyfriends, but they never wanted to get physical with me. i feel like no one likes my body or something.

19 is still very young. Plenty of people don’t even lose their virginity until they’re in their 20s. I can’t say for certain why previous boyfriends didn’t want to get physical with you, but that doesn’t at all mean you’re not desirable. You will meet someone, most likely when you least expect it, who will desire you and will want to get as physically close to you as possible. :-)

I want to pierce my hood but my husband says that i can loose sensitivity... is this true?

If it’s not pierced correctly, yes. However, when pierced correctly, it usually actually increases sensitivity. If you are seriously considering a clitoral hood piercing, be sure to shop around for a reputable piercer before going ahead with it, and make sure to follow their aftercare instructions very closely.

Why does there seem to be (and correct me if I'm wrong!) a distinct lack of male-centric or gay male couple-centric pictures on this blog? :\

I am still in the process of finding good blogs to follow. I am very picky about the photos I choose and the blogs I follow. I do have a number of male gay photos lined up in the queue, however. do you have the video for this? i've been looking for ages, but it's got like 13,000 notes and i just can't find any link or anything. your tumblr's awesome btw

It’s from a movie called “The Smiths”. You can watch the clip that image comes from here.

ive gotten so many yeast infections this year/ last year. either from having sex or masturbating. i was recently tested for STD's and HIV etc. they all came back negative, thank god. but right now i have this white, chunky (i dont like that word) stuff in my underwear. more than usual. and through the day i can feel it coming out, and i think its my period, and it ends up being that. could it just be that im getting my period soon or do i have another yeast infection? because my vagina also hurts. like the sides/lips. the lips are very dry. and its red and feels like its ripping when i touch it, (ow). what do you think? i dont want to bother my mom because whenever i get a yeast infection she brings me to the doctors and its like AGAIN?!? is there any medication that i could get to prevent yeast infections? im a very unfortunate person when it comes to these :(

The way you describe it sounds like a yeast infection. Some women are prone to them more than others.

Things recommended for yeast infections:

  • Increase your acidophilus intake. Acidophilus is a probiotic culture found in natural yoghurt. It works by helping restore internal health. Do not eat flavoured yoghurt. Make sure it is 100% natural plain unpasteurized yoghurt. It can taste very sour - if you don’t like the taste, add honey to it.
  • Before you go to sleep at night, scoop about a full teaspoon size of 100% natural yoghurt (again, MUST be 100% natural, plain and unpasteurized) and insert it into your vagina. Yes, you read correctly, lol. Wear a pad so as to prevent yoghurt from seeping out overnight. The direct contact of acidophilus to the infection can counteract it very effectively. Do this for about five to seven nights in row.
  • Wash with a vinegar solution. One part of vinegar (any kind of vinegar, though white or apple cider vinegar are particularly good) to three parts of water. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with the internal yoghurt method I just mentioned - wash in the morning with a vinegar solution. Make sure the water is warm when added to the vinegar. Do not use a towel when drying the genital region. Instead, use a hairdryer - stand with legs apart, or squat, and train a hairdryer set on a cool setting between your legs and dry the entire area until completely dry.
  • You can also purchase yeast infection creams from your local drugstore. The three-day treatments are much stronger than the six-day treatment ones. Ask for a pack that comes with both the one dose pill and the cream. Canesten is a particularly effective product and does not require a prescription; you can purchase it over the counter at any drugstore.
  • Another method is to insert potassium sorbate into your vagina. You can purchase this at any liquor store, as it’s an ingredient used to make home brewed beer. Dip a tampon into the potassium sorbate and insert into the vagina before going to bed. Leave in overnight, remove the next morning. Douche and wash with the vinegar solution I mentioned just before.
  • Drink unsweetened cranberry juice.

The fact that it is a persistent yeast problem means you should probably see a gynecologist if you haven’t already. A gynecologist is much more trained in areas of sexual health and vaginal health than a standard doctor is.

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